Tomato Planting Time Details

Aug. 07, 2020

Tomato fruit is nutritious and has a special flavor, because of its good planting efficiency. The following vegetable seed suppliers share the tomato planting time for your reference:

1. Planting time of spring tomatoes

The suitable seedling age for open field spring tomato cultivation is 50-70 days, that is, seeding should be carried out 50-70 days before planting. For example, in the Shenyang area at north latitude 41, spring tomatoes are sown in the protected area in February and planted in the open field after the late frost in early May.

Spring tomatoes are generally planted immediately after the local late frost period, when the ground temperature of 5-10 cm deep in the cultivated layer has stabilized and passed 12°C. For example, the average late frost period in Shenyang area is May 2nd over the years, and the colonization adaptation period is generally May 6th-10th. The Yangtze River Basin is generally around Qingming, North China around Guyu, and Northeast China is generally planted around Lixia. Wind barriers, mulch cover, and dry sandy land with leeward wind and sun can be planted early. Planting should also be determined according to weather conditions. In case of rainy and windy weather, planting should be delayed appropriately. Planting Shaanxi tomatoes should be planted early in the suitable planting period. They are mainly planted according to the market time. There are two seasons a year. One is delayed cultivation after autumn. Seedlings will start after July and August, and they can be marketed in November. One is cultivated in early spring. Seedlings are raised in November and February and will be available in May and June.

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2. Planting time for autumn and winter

Autumn and winter stubble is generally planted from mid-to-late July to early-mid-August, and planted from mid-to-late August to early September. It was harvested from late November to early February of the following year.

3. Planting time for winter and spring

Winter and spring are sown from early November to early December, planted from mid to late January to early February of the following year, and harvested from early to mid March to June.

4. Planting time of overwintering stubble

The winter stubble is a large crop cultivation. The seedlings are usually raised from mid-to-late September to early October, planted in November, and harvested in January of the following year.

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