How to Grow Tomatoes?

Dec. 08, 2020

The tomato is one of everyone's favorite fruits and vegetables. The root system of tomato is developed, distribution is wide and deep, hair root force is strong, stem easy to give birth to adventitious root, transplanting easy, also feasible cutting propagation. The earliest growth in South America, because of the delicate color, people are very vigilant to it, as the "fox fruit", also known as the Wolf peach, only for viewing, dare not taste. Nowadays, it is an indispensable delicacy in People's Daily life. It can not only supplement a lot of elements needed by the human body, but also make salads for people to taste. It can be grown on its own and tastes great.


First of all, the tomato not spend more than fat, fertilizers should be not fat. If too much early foot fertilizer, easy to cause too lush leaves, affect fruit hanging.

Second, give enough water after removing and pay attention to water control in the future. The leaves are wilting, the foliage is spouting water, not watering unless it is a last resort. In this way, the plant in order to survive, everywhere desperately strong roots, trying to find water to live. Pressure generation power, rooted leaves, strong branches, flowers and fruits.

Third, after waking up the seedlings, the leaves were sprayed with potassium dihydrogen phosphate once a week to promote photosynthesis and increase the content of potassium and phosphorus, and to protect flowers and fruits.

Fourth, leaves too dense, appropriate pruning of old yellow leaves. Do it on sunny days to prevent infection with bacteria and viruses.

Fifth, the first inflorescence, began to serve water fertilizer. Melon and fruit, in order to wet cake fertilizer classy, fruit flavor sufficient. Thin soil layer, thin fertilizer application is the key. Thin fat water, easy to absorb plants, do not hurt god. Supplement every two days, strength god sufficient, grow prosperous.

Sixth, start to turn to pink fruit, pay attention to water control. At this time too much water vapor, easy to crack fruit. Especially in heavy rain for several days in a row, it is best to cut. Unripened fruit ripen from the inside out and ripen quickly at home, rather than crack and rot away.

Seventh, encounter high temperature dormancy, not busy pull out. Prune and continue to fertilize the water. A start of autumn, immediately long new leaves, flowers and fruits.

The above information is provided by tomato greenhouse seed supplier.

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