How to Grow Spinach?

Jan. 06, 2021

The most common vegetable in our life is spinach, which has a strong resistance to cold, so it can be planted in March and April after the soil has thawed, and it can be planted until August or September. In the following spring, the spinach will continue to grow after the weather becomes warmer. The best time to plant spinach is in early spring and early fall.

How to grow spinach?

1.Sowing seeds

The spinach seeds are placed in the sun before sowing, not directly on the concrete floor, etc. The seeds are placed on sack pieces to dry for a day, and then soaked, or dry sown.

You can take the method of soaking with water, placing the spinach seeds directly in 0.1% potassium permanganate water solution for about a day and a night, pulling them out and rinsing them with water, which can be germinated and sown when there is dew white. If the area of planting spinach is large, it is not convenient to germinate planting, you can put the spinach seeds in 0.1% potassium permanganate solution for a day after soaking, slightly dry, then you can directly use the seeding machine to sow the seeds with sufficient moisture, sowing depth of 1.3 centimeters or so, the soil moisture is poor, sowing depth should not exceed three centimeters, generally each mu of land needs about 6, 7 pounds of spinach seeds.

The seeds are soaked in water for twelve hours and then put in the refrigerator for twenty-four hours, and then placed in a warm environment to germinate after three to five days.


2.Field management

The spinach growing period is the first time that the spinach seeds will be weeded and weeded in a timely manner, and the fertilizer should be applied to the spinach after it has grown to more than ten centimeters.

What time is good to plant spinach?

1.Spinach can be planted all year round, autumn spinach can be sown between August and September in the fall, in about 40 days after sowing, the plant will grow to about 15 cm and can be harvested in batches. The wintering spinach can be sown between mid-October and early November, and can be harvested in batches around Chinese New Year. It is a good choice to choose those varieties that are cold resistant and late maturing, like round leaf spinach and late round leaf spinach.

2.Spring sowing can only be sown after the beginning of spring, March each year is the best sowing period for him, after sowing 30 to 50 days can be harvested in large quantities, while summer spinach is suitable for sowing in May to July each year, between late June and early July each year can be harvested, wait for the next spinach planting, you should choose those heat-resistant varieties like spring and autumn big leaf as well as Guangdong round leaf and so on is the most suitable for summer planting spinach varieties.

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