How to Grow Shallots?

Nov. 25, 2020

Shallots are a must in the everyday kitchen. It is not only nutritious and has therapeutic health value, especially in perspiration and antibacterial, detoxification and seasoning, appetite, vasodilator, anti-cancer, etc., has been recognized and accepted by consumers, can be called good vegetable and good medicine.

Shallot is a biennial herb of the genus Shallot of the lily family, originated in China, with a long history of cultivation, and is an important seasoning vegetable in China. Shallot cold tolerance is strong, heat resistance is poor. The optimum temperature for leaf growth is 15-25℃. In 10-20 ℃ when the white onion growth is vigorous, conducive to the accumulation of nutrients in the leaf sheath, more than 25 ℃, growth retarded. 3 leaves above the plant at 2-5 ℃, after 60-70 days can pass the vernalization stage.

Variety Selection

Spring green onion selection of resistance to shoots, high-yield varieties; summer onion selection of heat-resistant, disease-resistant, high-quality, suitable for the local ecological environment of the variety; volatile onion selected heat-resistant, flood-resistant, disease-resistant onion varieties; autumn onion to choose fast growth, high yield, strong disease resistance of the long white type of onion; winter storage onion requirements of high yield, good quality, resistance to storage of the long white type of onion.

Plot selection

It is better to choose a sandy soil plot with high terrain, convenient drainage and irrigation, fertile soil, which has not been planted with onion and garlic crops for more than 3 years. If it is not good to plant crops all year round, soil treatment can be carried out, taking measures such as increasing organic fertilizer, formula fertilization, seed disinfection, heavy stubble treatment of soil.

Green Onion

Sowing Seedlings

1.seedbed preparation

Select three years without planting onion and garlic crops in the plot, according to the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium 15-15-15 apply full bottom fertilizer, shallow plowing and harrowing, made of 1m wide and 10 m long border. Use 90% trichlorfon 1.5-2.5 women per hectare, add a little water, mix 250 kg of soil, scatter the strips, and use 50% carbendazim wettable powder 1 slave, add 200 kg of soil, mix with the seedbed soil.

Soak the seeds in water for 10 days, put them in 65 ℃ hot water for 30 days, stirring constantly, and then drain them out, put them under 20 ℃ to stimulate germination, wash them once a day, and after a week the seeds will be white. Then soak the seeds in 20% potassium permanganate solution for 20 rains, remove and rinse with clean water, then sow the seeds.

2.Seed treatment

Soak the seeds in water for 10 days, place them in hot water at 65°C for 30 days, stirring constantly, then drain them off and place them at 20°C for germination, wash them once a day, and after a week the seeds will be white. Then soak the seeds in 20% potassium permanganate solution for 20 rains, remove and rinse with clean water, then sow the seeds.

3.Sowing the seeds

Sow evenly by hand, or sow in strips with onion seeder. Seedlings sown in autumn and summer should be covered with shade netting or grass curtain. Spring seedlings should be covered with mulch. Shijiazhuang area spring onion sowing time for June. Summer onion sowing time from late June to early July, shallot sowing time in September, fall onion sowing time in early October or early March the following year. The sowing time for winter onions is from late March to early May. After sowing, spray 120 mL of field patch evenly on the border before seedling emergence per mu.

4.seedling management

After the seedlings emerge in autumn, keep the soil wet and dry, control the watering properly, water once before freezing, and when the temperature rises to 13℃, water the green water, apply fertilizer afterwards, and remove the too dense and weak seedlings. Later, pay attention to control watering, and spraying to prevent thrips hazards. Spring seedlings of shallot seedlings out of the soil to fertilizer and water, keep the soil moist, pay attention not to use ammonium carbonate fertilizer, so as not to burn onion leaves, and timely seedling weeding. Summer seedlings of shallot after seedling to fertilize water to attack, promote the rapid growth of shallot seedlings.

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