How to Grow Lettuce?

Jan. 12, 2021

Lettuce is a popular vegetable that is refreshing and nutritious, and grows quickly and easily, so many people will grow some at home. So when is it better to plant lettuce? How to grow lettuce? The next and lettuce seed wholesaler to take a look at it.

Lettuce planting time

Lettuce like cool climate, so the sowing time is generally spring and autumn, spring generally in February-April to start sowing, May-June can be harvested, and autumn sowing can then start sowing at the end of August, September-October can be harvested, because different varieties of lettuce characteristics are different, we choose the time of sowing, we must first understand the instructions to buy lettuce seeds, and then combined with the above sowing time to sow.


Spring and summer are suitable for sowing loose leaf lettuce (such as cream lettuce, colored leaf lettuce), which is more heat resistant, while autumn and winter are suitable for sowing nodular lettuce (also called western lettuce), which is not heat resistant.


Lettuce planting methods

1.Prepare the seedbed. The seedbed should be loosely plowed and leveled to ensure that the soil in the seedbed is fine and flat, and that it is nutrient-rich to lay a solid foundation for cultivating strong seedlings.

2.Soak the seeds and germinate them. Before sowing germination treatment, not only can shorten the germination time, but also can improve the germination rate, lettuce seeds into a wet gauze towel and water immersion, immersion time is generally about 3-4 hours, the water temperature to maintain room temperature, after gently scrubbing to dry the water, in the bag germination, to be sown when most of the seeds sprouted.

3. Sowing seedlings. Before sowing, first water the seedbed with water, but also make the spraying of some lego solution, can effectively prevent the occurrence of insect pests. The seeds can be sown with 1 gram per square meter, after sowing in a layer of fine soil, to create a good growing environment for lettuce, WeChat search vegetable farmers circle concern. When the seedlings out of the ground, the timely removal of mulch, but also strict control of temperature, in addition to water is indispensable.

4. Planting. When the seedlings are one month old, the seedlings can be transplanted and planted, when planted, attention should be paid to the stability of the seedlings, while watering in the ditch to provide the necessary moisture, reasonable planting, pay attention to the density.

5.Field management. Lettuce field management is the daily watering and fertilization and weeding work, generally every 5-7 days watering once, fertilization should be nitrogen and phosphorus compound fertilizer, the early stage can not chase fertilizer.

6.Pest and disease control. The main pests and diseases of lettuce is powdery mildew, downy mildew, insect pests are mainly whiteflies, so to disease control, you can spray 50% benomyl wettable powder 1000 times, 40% Fosamax emulsifiable oil 7000 times to carry out prevention and control work, insect pests can be sprayed with a solution of leuconazole.

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