How to Grow Kidney Beans?

Jan. 25, 2021

Kidney beans are one of the top selling vegetable species in all seasons, high yielding, easy to cultivate, very nutritious and very popular with farmers and consumers.The next kidney bean seed wholesaler will talk about the kidney bean quality high-yield cultivation techniques.

What are the characteristics of the four reproductive stages of kidney beans?

The entire reproductive period of kidney beans can be germination period, seedling period, vine period, flower pod period four stages.

1. Germination period

3-4 days after sowing in 25-30 degrees Celsius environment can germinate seeds, in 14-25 degrees Celsius environment will take 7-10 days to germinate, too much watering during this period is prone to rotten seeds.

2. Seedling stage

The perimeter of this period is generally 15-20 days (1 pair of true leaves to 7-8 compound leaves), this stage is susceptible to root rot or dead trees in low temperature and rainy weather, and should also prevent sudden collapse in high temperature.

Kidney Beans

3. Vine stage

The perimeter of this period is generally 10-15 days (7-8 compound leaves to buds), during which the main vine grows rapidly, the lateral vines sprout and rhizobia are formed; high or low temperatures or poor lighting will cause the main vine to be thin, the lateral vines to sprout slowly, the root system to be poorly developed and the rhizobia to be less formed and less active.

4. Flowering and pod stage

The perimeter of this reproductive period is generally 50-60 days (bud to harvest), with buds taking 5-7 days to bloom and 8-13 days to harvest. During this period, plants flowering, pods and stems and leaves continue to grow, the root system continues to develop, rhizobia continue to form at the same time, nutritional and reproductive growth at the same time, on the one hand, the demand for water and fertilizer nutrition, on the other hand, need to strengthen the field management can increase production, prevent premature failure.

How to preserve kidney beans for the long term?

The production of kidney beans is very large, for many ordinary farmers, planting a few rows of kidney beans at home will not be picked and eaten, for this reason many people will be worried because of the excessive kidney beans. The following are two ways to preserve kidney beans for the long term, and learn how to solve the problem of remaining kidney beans and eat them later.

1. Pick the fresh kidney beans, remove the disease and wash them with water, then blanch them in boiling water (a little salt, cooking oil or edible alkali in the boiling water to protect the original green colour of the beans), fish them out after boiling to dry the surface water, then put them into a container and seal them, or put them into a plastic bag and seal them in the refrigerator after squeezing out the air.

2. Wash the freshly picked kidney beans, remove any diseased ones and leave them to dry in the sun for a few hours, then place them in a glass container and finally add rice water to cover the surface of the beans to seal them.

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