How to Grow High-Yield Cauliflower?

Nov. 20, 2020

Cauliflower is a common vegetable. Many people like to eat it. Cauliflower has high nutritional value, and eating it has many benefits to the human body. So many people will cultivate cauliflower by themselves, so how to cultivate cauliflower for high yield? Today, the cauliflower supplier introduces you to the key points of high-yield cultivation and management of cauliflower.

1. Variety selection

Choose mid-early mature and high-quality varieties for planting.

2. Sowing time and method

Planting time: Greenhouse planting in early January.

3. Seeding method

Choose a good seedling site for seedlings, prepare the planting borders, first finely prepare the ground, apply 2 kg of organic fertilizer per square meter, and 100 g of compound fertilizer, then flatten the bed surface. Each 667 square meter of broccoli needs about 5-6 square meters of nursery bed. . Before planting, pour the seedbed with foot water, sowing 5 grams per square meter of dry seeds, and cover 1 layer with fine soil after sowing.

4. Cotyledon stage management

Seedlings are raised in the spring from January to March, and the seedbed should be kept cold and warm. The temperature of the seedbed should be kept at 20~23℃, and the minimum temperature should not be lower than 10℃.

5. Seedling management

About 15 days after sowing, when the two cotyledons are strong and the true leaves are exposed, the seedlings can be separated. The seedbed before the seedlings can be sprayed with water. The seedlings can be separated by nutrient soil and ground seedlings. During the period of seedling separation, the management is generally to see dry and wet, do not dry without watering, to prevent the seedlings from growing.


6. Colonization

Choose strong seedlings for colonization 30 to 35 days after sowing, that is, mid to late February, when they grow to 5 to 7 leaves, they can be colonized. When planting, choose strong seedlings for colonization. The ground preparation is 120 cm wide and small and high, and mulch can be laid if conditions permit.

Planting method Before planting, the seedlings should be watered thoroughly, and the seedlings should be planted with soil lumps to reduce root damage, and then water for planting should be poured. The row spacing of broccoli planting plants in the spring greenhouse is mostly 55 cm, with 2500-2700 seedlings per 667 square meters.

7. Field management after planting

7.1. Temperature and humidity management At noon, the temperature in the shed exceeds 25℃. After opening the edge seams to let the temperature drop in the greenhouse, close the edge seams of the greenhouse.

7.2. The dust on the canopy film should be wiped off in time to reduce the shading of the canopy film.

7.3. The general principle of fertilizer and water management is to water once every 15 days. After watering, cultivating adjusts the soil temperature and humidity to promote the growth of plant roots.

7.4. For pruning and branching, the side branches and side flowers of the plant should be knocked off in time.

8. Pest control

8.1. Downy mildew, brown rot and black spot are common diseases of broccoli.

8.2. Prevention methods

(1) Strengthen cultivation management, balance fertilization, and implement crop rotation with non-cruciferous vegetables.

(2) Seed disinfection, 40% Fumei double dressing.

(3) Chemical control ① Downy mildew. 40% ethyl phosphorous aluminum wettable powder 300 times ② brown rot. 70% thiophanate methyl WP 600 times ③Sclerotium. 70% thiophanate methyl wettable powder 600 times.

9. Harvest

Broccoli should be harvested in time when the curd diameter reaches 12-15 cm, the curd is tight but not scattered, the small flower buds are small and the color is green.

The above is about the efficient planting and management methods of cauliflower, which is essential on the daily table of cauliflower, so it is also very good to cultivate some by yourself.

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