How to Grow Good Cucumbers?

Aug. 28, 2020

Everyone likes to eat cucumbers, but how to grow them is a skill. I believe everyone is more interested in planting cucumbers. Now let the seed supplier tell you how to grow a good cucumber.

1. The selection of plots for planting cucumbers. The requirements for planting site selection are very important, and the planting of this vegetable requires very high land. The soil should be fertile and flat. The topography of the land should be high for easy drainage, so that the cucumbers planted will not be washed away by heavy rain or lack sufficient nutrient supply.


2. Regarding the fertilization and watering of cucumbers. Water and fertilizer are inseparable from growing vegetables, and watering is also an important part of fertilization. In the fertilization process, the land should be fertilized for the first time when cucumber seeds are not planted. It is best to use livestock manure for the first fertilization, and then wait for the second fertilization when the cucumbers are unearthed. Cucumber supplements minerals and nutrients. In the watering process, the seeds are watered for the first time when the seeds are planted, and then wait for the seeds to germinate and unearth, and then wait for the seeds to be watered within one week after the seeds are unearthed. After the roots of the seeds become firm, perform appropriate watering. When the fruit is fruitful, water the cucumber once a day for two days. This will make the cucumber grow better.

3. Insecticide and weeding of cucumber. For the crops they plant, the most headache for farmers is the pests and weeds. The pests will eat the dealers, and the weeds will slow down the growth of the crops. The prevention and control of pests is to spray drugs before cucumbers bear fruit. This period is also the birth stage of pests, so that the harm of pests can be effectively reduced. It is easier for weeding, because the cucumber is caught on the pole, so the weeds below can be effectively cleared.

4. Picking and sorting of cucumbers. No matter what is planted, it needs to be classified. Picking cucumbers is also particularly important. Try to keep all the cucumbers picked within a certain period of time. If it is too early or too late, it will affect the taste of cucumbers. The classification of cucumbers will also increase the selling price of cucumbers. Good cucumbers can be sold at a good price, so the classification of cucumbers is also very important.

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