How to Grow Coriander?

Feb. 03, 2021

Coriander is one of the more common vegetables in our lives, and it is also a vegetable that can be grown all year round, and it is very good to grow, so it is also one of the vegetables that farmers like to grow. It is generally recommended that Coriander be planted in May-June of each spring. Coriander Seeds wholesaler will introduce how to grow Coriander from planting time, land selection, seeding and field management.


How to Grow Coriander?

1. Planting time

Coriander is a vegetable that likes a warm environment. Although it can be planted all year round, it is recommended that it be planted mainly in May-June each spring, when the temperature warms up and can promote the growth of Coriander. You can also choose to plant it around October every autumn.

2. Land selection and preparation

Coriander has high requirements for planting sites and land, so when choosing land for planting, it is recommended to choose a soil with high organic matter content, fertile, and with good moisture retention and drainage capacity. When preparing the land, it should be deeply tilled and plowed, and a certain amount of base fertilizer should be applied to ensure the subsequent growth of Coriander.

3. Sowing seeds for seedlings

The seeds need to be treated before planting. First, the outer skin of the selected seeds should be rubbed off, and then the seeds should be soaked in warm water for 24 hours, and then put in a wet cloth to wrap the seeds, and the wet cloth wrapped with the seeds should be placed at 15-20 degrees Celsius for about 7-10 days to germinate.

After germination, you can sow the seeds. Before sowing, you need to water the land and keep the soil moist. Then the seeds will be evenly scattered in the field, covered with a layer of fine soil, and finally covered with a layer of plastic film, until the seeds germinate and grow 3-4 leaves of parsley, then you can lift the plastic film.

4. Field management 

Just planted Coriander is not watered, usually will wait until after planting the first watering, this watering after the second watering need to be about 7-10 days, after every 5-7 days watering can be. If the base fertilizer is sufficient, then in the growth period of Coriander does not need to chase fertilizer, but in the process of maintaining Coriander found in the soil nutrient deficiencies, you need to timely chase some urea and phosphorus fertilizer.


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