How to Grow Watermelon Well(Part 2)?

Jul. 14, 2020

Third, field cultivation

1. Site selection and land preparation: The watermelon land should be selected from the higher terrain, open and ventilated, well drained, deep soil layer, fertile soil, preferably sandy loam soil. Rotation of watermelon should be carried out. Continuous cropping is prone to diseases such as Fusarium wilt and anthracnose, affecting the yield and quality of watermelon. Generally, the paddy field rotation interval is 3 to 5 years, and the dry land is 7 to 8 years. Our company provides fruit seeds.

In the winter, melon fields should be deep-cultivated and frozen to reduce diseases and insect pests and maintain moisture.

During land preparation, trenches are made for melon ridges, and rotted manure or compost is used as base fertilizer in the holes under the ridges, with an amount of 3,000-5,000 kg per mu and 30-50 kg of superphosphate.

The width of the border is generally 5.5 to 6 feet. Deep trenches are opened around the border between the border and the field. The depth of the trench is lower than the planting hole to reduce the groundwater level, which is convenient for drainage and irrigation to prevent waterlogging and drought.

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2.Transplanting and management:

① The watermelon is generally 30 days old, and two or three slices can be planted and transplanted. Most watermelons in our province are planted in late April or early May. When transplanting, it is best to choose a sunny afternoon, open a hole on the melon ridge, peel off the nutrient bowl of melon seedlings, put the nutrient soil with melon seedlings into the hole completely, and tightly surround it with loose fine fertilizer soil. The soil is then watered so that it is closely combined with each other, taking care not to crack the nutrient soil overhead.

Planted in the field, small melons more than 600 per mu, more than 500 melons, row spacing 5. 5-6 feet, plant spacing 1.6-1.8 feet.

② Seedling management. After the seedlings moved into the field, most of them were rainy and the temperature was lower than the seedling bed. In order to promote early seedlings and early planting, field management should be strengthened in time. This is the key to early maturity and high yield.

After the seedlings are alive, sprinkle rotted thin human feces and urine two or three times on sunny days, or irrigate with 0.3% urea aqueous solution, and pour one catty per plant hole to make the seedlings robust.

When top dressing, combine loose soil, cultivate soil, keep soil moisture, make it permeable to air, promote melon seedlings to take root and grow better.

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